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This modern house shape shifts in Oregon’s high desert

It’s amazing what a sliding panel can achieve

Gray exterior of modern house and driveway John Granen

Now you see it, now you don’t. That’s the motto of this modern beauty built in central Oregon. The studios DeForest Architects and NB Design Group designed the High Desert Modern house as an adaptable “Swiss Army Knife” of a house with moveable panels that alter the flow of the home, both inside and out.

Courtyard of modern house with concrete path John Granen

The house reflects the muted color palette of its high desert surroundings with wooden floors, natural hues, and plenty of windows. Outside, the wood-paneled house takes on an ash gray color. Inside, the dark, serene vibe draws inspiration from a century-old lilac tree trunk that hangs in the entryway.

Living room with white couch and fireplace John Granen

The architects designed the house to feel open and airy but with a clever design caveat. The house has a series of sliding panels, beginning with the entryway where a wall opens and closes to disguise or show off the home’s central courtyard.

Kitchen with white barstools John Granen

Inside, they installed five sliding panels between the living room and master suite that can reveal or hide the bedroom. They also installed a hinged door in the home’s sitting area that closes to create a guest bedroom.

Bedroom with floor-to-ceiling windows John Granen

Via: Dezeen