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Modern prefab house was constructed in a month

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Using all recyclable materials

Dark rectangular home from the outside Filippo Bamberghi via Inhabitat

A home isn’t built in a day, but in this case, it is in a month. Architecture firm Studio Arthur Casas worked with the engineering and construction company SysHaus to design a prefab home in São Paulo, Brazil, that was constructed within a month—28 days to be exact.

Kitchen with table and light wood ceiling Filippo Bamberghi via Inhabitat

The 2,200-square-foot house is designed as a beacon of environmental friendliness. It’s built entirely from recyclable materials and includes features like a rainwater reuse system, a biodigester that converts waste into gas for the fireplace and kitchen, and a green roof that has solar power tiles.

Outdoor patio with concrete fireplace Filippo Bamberghi via Inhabitat

The shape of the house is simple—just a rectangular volume—but it’s been cleverly parceled into an interesting flow of rooms and spaces, including a large outdoor patio that feels like an extension of the living room.

Living room with natural colors Filippo Bamberghi via Inhabitat

The house arrives at the lot 95 percent ready for construction, which decreases build time by up to 60 percent compared to the average home. Despite its rapid construction, the house includes some thoughtful details like a wood paneled roof with built-in LED strips and recessed alcoves that create lovely little nooks for pieces of furniture.

Bathroom with big white tub and natural colors Filippo Bamberghi via Inhabitat

Via: Inhabitat