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Airy Australian house is indoor-outdoor living at its best

So dreamy

modern house in Australia Photos by Robert Walsh courtesy of Madeleine Blanchfield Architects

This serene house in Coogee, Australia is a beautiful example of how materiality can replace color. Madeleine Blanchfield Architects designed Coogee House II with a restrained color palette—just white, light wood, and the occasional “pop” of black—but the space feels complex and layered thanks to the range of materials used.

It starts with the home’s facade, which is all-white save for a series of inset boxes designed from wooden slats. Both the garage and front door look more like design features than utilitarian entrances, which gives the house an almost rendering-like quality.

Inside, the architects continued the natural, airy theme with white walls that range from brick to drywall to perforated metal screens. Set against natural wood and a muted terrazzo floor, the mix of white materials doesn’t feel monochromatic so much as varied and textured.

The house features double-height ceilings and sliding doors that open onto a grassy courtyard. The living room windows look out onto the ocean, which brings just a hint of color into the space.