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Hand-thrown clay speakers marry craftsmanship and sustainability

Technology with a conscience

hand-thrown clay speakers Photo via Designboom

Just when you thought you’d seen artisanal everything, something like the Mapuguaquén speaker comes along. Chilean studio Documentary Design created the wireless speakers to feel reflective of “regional aesthetics.” In other words, like the opposite of the anonymous minimalism we’ve come to expect from consumer electronics.

Detail shot of speaker Photo via Designboom

And indeed, they do look different. The speakers (which come in mono and stereo), are designed around natural materials, starting with a hand thrown clay pot that houses technical innards like a 4-inch driver and a handful of wireless technology.

Person throwing clay pots Photo via Designboom

The inner components are insulated by felted wool and leather, while the driver’s cones are made from local wood. All told, the speakers are made from 80 percent biodegradable materials, an impressive feat in an industry known for creating large amounts of e-waste.

Pair of speakers next to Macbook Photo via Designboom

Right now you can snag a limited edition Mapuguaquén speaker on Kickstarter starting around $370. When you do, the company will plant a native Chilean tree in return. Not a bad deal, if we do say so ourselves.

Via: Designboom