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Paris apartment goes bold with green kitchen

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Is all-green the new all-white?

Apartment with green-walled kitchen Giaime Meloni via Dezeen

Minimalist kitchens are great and all, but have you seen what a little paint can do? French architecture studio Atelier Sagitta coated this Parisian kitchen in a bold emerald green, and we have to admit—it’s a much needed break from all white everything.

Home to an art director (surprise, surprise), the apartment centers around a small but efficient kitchen. The architects maximized the room’s space, with an inset stove top and a wall of green cabinetry that camouflages storage space and the dishwasher.

Birch wood countertop with metal sink Giaime Meloni via Dezeen

The designers cribbed the deep green hue from the original laminate used on the countertops pre tear-down. Set against birch wood countertops and shelving, the hue almost becomes a neutral—one that’s neither too boring or flashy.

Going full-on green isn’t a new trend, of course. You might remember that Pantone dubbed a leafy shade its 2017 color of the year as a symbolic nod to “new beginnings.” For what it’s worth, we’ve long extolled the virtues of the color. This kitchen is just more proof that green really is great.

Via: Dezeen