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Modern home’s facade is built from a beautiful trio of materials

Why choose just one?

Facade of house made from concrete, wood, and brick Renan Klippel via Dezeen

Who needs windows when you have an exterior like this? Brazilian architecture firm UABI designed this boxy house in Londrina, Brazil, with a facade that ties three materials together into a beautiful and unexpected package.

The outside of the house is a series of three volumes, each built from a different material. A concrete box sits atop a wood paneled square that runs flush to a vertical plane of bricks. Together, they look like a muted stack of Tetris blocks.

Living room with concrete floors Renan Klippel via Dezeen
Kitchen with patterned tile Renan Klippel via Dezeen

Walk inside the concealed front door, and the space opens up into a double-height entryway. The concrete floors are flanked by a mix of white walls and wood panels, which echo the facade’s playful use of materials.

Deck with yellow chair Renan Klippel via Dezeen

Instead of leaving room for a yard, the architects designed the 2,476-square-foot home as a series of intersecting indoor and outdoor spaces. Sliding doors open onto a tree-lined terrace that runs the length of the house, which ensures that you’re always just a few steps away from glancing up at that lovely facade.

Via: Dezeen