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Jackie Gleason’s iconic ‘Round House’ yours for $12M

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round house Photos by Acocella Photography courtesy of Re/Max Town and Country

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Location: Cortlandt Manor, New York

Price: $12,000,000

The famous Round House commissioned by late American comedian, actor, and musician Jackie Gleason is on the market and it has to be seen to be believed.

The centerpiece of the 8.4-acre property, which was intended as an upstate getaway while Gleason filmed The Honeymooners in New York City, is what the entertainer named the Mothership, a circular structure measuring approximately 3,950 square feet, 50 feet in diameter, and housing two bedrooms, an office and broadcast studio, library, and show-stopping lower level living room, aka party central.

The Mothership revolves around a stunning marble spiral staircase, just one of seemingly endless details in the home dedicated to keeping all things round. Other features to watch for: wood flooring curved by a steaming machine and by hand, the master bedroom bed that runs eight feet in diameter, plus lots of curved storage, walls, and railings.

Completed in 1959, the home defines labor of love. Listing agents say Gleason, who enlisted architect Robert Cika for the project, had a hand in every decision, including, we presume, the idea to put in four bars for all the parties he hosted.

When he needed more marble to use throughout the house, Gleason bought a quarry in Italy and flew in the workers to build the massive connected fireplaces in the main living area, which had a cap so large it needed to be helicoptered in.

Technically, the house is a prefab (and it does remind us of this magnificent prefab dome home home also in upstate NY), built by a shipbuilder in an airplane hangar and then assembled on site. The ceiling woodwork reminiscent of row boats serve as trusses.

The rest of the property includes a more traditional stone house, dubbed the Barracks, that predates the Mothership. There’s also a UFO-like structure, called the Spaceship, that was envisioned as a storage “shed”, complete with its own kitchenette and bathroom. Two pools on the property were installed by current owners in the 1980s.

And there you have it! This architectural marvel at 196 Furnace Dock Road is now looking for a new owner with $12 million to spare.