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This tiny house comes with a conversation pit, sort of

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Small never looked so spacious

Raised seating area in tiny home Modern Tiny Living

Tiny homes are efficient by necessity. When you’ve got limited square footage to work with, that often means optioning for functional over fun. This 236-square-foot-home from Modern Tiny Living comes with all the standard components of a tiny home—loft bed, clever storage solutions, space-saving kitchen—but it has an unexpected additional feature.

Outside of tiny home Modern Tiny Living

At the back corner of the Clover model, the floor raises into a platform hangout that looks remarkably like a conversation pit, only elevated. The designers created an inward-facing built-in lounge area that pulls triple duty with storage under the floor and banquette seating that fold out into a bed.

Kitchenette in tiny home with washer Modern Tiny Living

The house has other considered design touches like concrete countertops, poplar wood floors and ceilings, a full kitchen (including a washer), and a lofted bed that actually looks private. But it’s the raised conversation pit that makes us think that living in a tiny home might not feel so tiny after all.

Raised seating area converted into bed Modern Tiny Living
Lofted bed Modern Tiny Living

Via: Designboom