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Clever furniture line transforms 6 pieces into 25+ uses

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Mix and match!

Collection of furniture items Varia

We’re all for optimizing space. Whether you live in a sprawling mansion or micro apartment, making the most of what you’ve got usually comes down to the furniture you choose. For those working with the smaller side of things, it’s time for you to meet the Varia, a new collection of modular furniture now raising funds on Kickstarter.

Gif of cutting board turning into a side table top Varia

The Varia system is based around six components—two bases and four accessory tops— that mix and match into more than 25 different pieces of furniture. A cutting board becomes the top of a barstool that can transform into a coffee table with a quick swap of the base.

Varia’s designers looked at the dimensions of standard pieces of furniture and quickly realized that there’s actually a lot of overlap between objects like barstools and desks, whose legs are the same height. Similarly, a coffee table is approximately the same height as the seat of a chair and a bed headboard looks remarkably similar to a simple wooden dining table.

Two side tables and a headboard transforming into a desk Varia

These shared dimensions led the designers to create an expansive line of furniture out of just a few basic components. The heart of the Varia system is made up of two metal bases that come in short and tall sizes. They can be flipped vertically to serve as the base of a side table or positioned horizontally to create a coffee table. From there, all that’s needed are the flat wooden accessories that slot and slide into place, and you’ve got yourself what’s essentially an entire furniture line.

Intrigued? A pledge of $89 or more gets you a Varia wood top to play with and a pledge of $149 or more gets you a frame to start building out your collection.