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‘Floating island’ with hammocks and swings lets visitors relax on water

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Just don’t fall in!

A floating pavilion is being proposed for a canal in Bruges, Belgium, which would snake along the shoreline and offer passersby an opportunity to walk along on the water or simply stop and relax. The pavilion itself would be make of wooden planks, while r
A proposed floating pavilion on the Bruges canal would feature swings and a large rope hammock.
Photos by Kyungsub Shin via ArchDaily

So far we haven’t cracked the code for walking on water—that’s reserved for the most, er, enlightened among us. But a new floating walkway on a canal in Belgium will bring you pretty darn close.

The canal that runs through the city of Bruges offers a beautiful backdrop to the low-lying region, earning it the nickname the “Venice of the North.” Now, Bruges-based firm Dertien 12 has teamed up with South Korean architecture firm Obba to marry the land with the water by crafting a structure that offers passersby an opportunity to take a stroll on the canal or simply take a moment to rest.

Installed for Triennale Brugge 2018, the pavilion dubbed “The Floating Island” snakes along the waterway and features rope curtains for leaning against and a hammock area for weary travelers to relax on the water while looking at the clouds. Swings also offer a moment for play and new perspectives on the water.

There are no guardrails on the floating “island,” so feel free to sit on the edge and enjoy the canal up close—just be careful not to test out your newfound powers on, you know, the actual water.

Via: ArchDaily