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Next-level sustainable dog house puts all other dog houses to shame

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Fit for a very spoiled pup

French bulldog in timber dog house Photo via Inhabitat

Whether it’s a human house that’s been designed around a dog’s needs or dog houses inspired by modern architecture, high design dog houses are a bona fide thing. The latest example is this “canine cottage” from Studio Schicketanz that’s a lesson in sustainability for dog and man alike.

Timber dog house with angled roof Photo via Inhabitat

The architects designed the timber-clad dog house with some next-level eco-friendliness. The inside of the miniature house comes with a built-in floor drain and a solar-powered fan that keeps the pup cool on hot days. Outside, a carpeted ramp leads to a green roof where there’s a motion-activated water fountain that’s connected to an irrigation system, ensuring that no water is wasted.

Dog drinking from fountain Photo via Inhabitat

The dog house itself its handsomely simple. Its angled shape is built from wide timber planks and has two small windows to let in natural light. On the side, there’s a hidden drawer to stash food, toys, and treats—as if a sustainable doggie palace didn’t spoil the pup enough.

This design is one of a few entries for the Carmel Canine Cottages Competition, which will eventually auction off the structures, with proceeds going to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Dog sitting atop dog house Photo via Inhabitat

Via: Inhabitat