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Ikea’s new line of toys is perfectly off-kilter

Straight from the mind of a 7-year-old

light-up jump rope All photos courtesy of Ikea

Ikea’s newest collection is another notch in its maximalist belt. This time, though, instead of wild candlesticks and strange vases, it’s all about toys. The new Lustigt collection, available in U.S. stores in October, is a line of toys that Ikea says celebrates “play for the sake of playing.”

All of the toys in the collection have a perfectly off-kilter sense of fun. There’s an origami set and a light-up jump rope. A weaving loom and paint roller set encourages kids to get creative (even at the cost of a parent’s sanity).

The line also includes some nostalgic pieces like a dart game and a bright colored puzzle, but there are also a few functional pieces (like a bedspread and a seriously cool asymmetrical shelf that has a face built into it) as well as things in the mix that we’re not quite sure what to do with (like a giant stuff hand).

The whole collection feels as if it was born from a child’s imagination as opposed to a handful of adults sitting around a conference table brainstorming what a kid might like. And indeed, Ikea says that the 7-year-old daughter of designer Henrik Preutz had a hand in bringing the line to life.