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Pale cedar cabin is proof not all facades must be charred

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The trends they are a’changin

Aerial shot of white cedar house Francis Pelletier via Dezeen

We love a charred timber facade as much as the next person, but let’s just take minute to admire its polar opposite: a beautifully pristine lake house built from pale cedar.

Living room with windows looking onto lake Francis Pelletier via Dezeen
Staircase leading to office space Francis Pelletier via Dezeen

Canadian architecture firm YH2 designed the 1,500-square-foot Quebecois house, appropriately called Window on the Lake, with a simple A-frame skeleton. The open-plan great room, which is home to the kitchen, dining room table, and living space, has soaring vaulted ceilings and a wall of windows that look out onto a lake.

Dining room table in airy, open room Francis Pelletier via Dezeen

Near the back of the house, a staircase leads to a lofted office area that overlooks the room below. On the ground level, there are two bathrooms and two cozy, slanted-wall bedrooms.

Bedroom with bed and white walls Francis Pelletier via Dezeen

The all-white exterior is built from pale cedar boards that run horizontally. The outside is echoed inside with white walls and pale wooden floors. It’s all an effective and non-fussy backdrop for the home’s beautiful views.

House with pale cedar facade Francis Pelletier via Dezeen

Via: Dezeen