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Meet the twist-and-turning streetlamp of the future

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Black, sleek, and high-tech

Black lamp with multiple heads Photo via Dezeen

The humble streetlight is an indicator of the times. Before electricity and incandescents, towns would light their streets using gasoline or natural gas. It’s believed that London was the first city to instate organized public lighting, in the 15th century, with candle-burning lamps that were lit at dusk.

Light pole in front of building Photo via Dezeen

How far we’ve come. Lighting designer Dean Skira recently created the Polesano street lamp for Delta Light, and it’s a glimpse at what the future of public lighting could look like. Skira’s design has a distinctly high-tech look. The black pole juts up into the air with engineered precision.

Close up of light Photo via Dezeen

Its head is sleek and angular, with rows of circular LEDs that can cast four different types of light—streetlight, flood light, spotlight, and elliptical light. The head is able to twist and turn 360 degrees and can be rotated to become flush with the pole in a “natural” position.

Shira calls the Polesano light a “multifunctional urban device.” We call it the perfect design for our techno-dystopian future.

Via: Dezeen