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Apartment building in Denmark will only rent to pet owners

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Puppy paradise


For anyone who’s missed out on a dream apartment because of their pup, take solace: There’s an entire apartment complex in Denmark dedicated to housing for dog owners. Danish entrepreneur Niels Martin Viuff recently unveiled plans for Hundehuset (“The Dog House”), an 18-unit complex located in Denmark’s Frederikssund Municipality and it’s a pet-owner’s dream.

Not only are dogs allowed in the apartments—they’re required (so long they’re under 100 pounds). Details on the design are scarce, but Viuff says the complex will be designed for animal/human cohabitation, with sturdy, easy-to-clean flooring and a garden with a dog bathing area that will function like an in-complex dog run.

“Dogs wear things out, they have their outdoor shoes on all year round. They don’t take their shoes off in the hallway,” Lise Lotte Christensen, a canine behavioral consultant who is working on the complex, told Denmark paper The Local. Indeed they do not.

Dogs and owners alike will have to go through an application process before they’re granted entry into this puppy paradise, though it’s unclear exactly what that entails. And lest cat lovers feel jilted, kitties are welcome too, and might even get their own complex someday, according to Viuff.

Via: Apartment Therapy