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Swedish apartment for sale is a daring mix of old and new

It’s all about balance

Kitchen with sleek cabinets Photo via Bjurfors

There’s something charming about a house that’s frozen in time, but this Swedish apartment is a reminder that nothing compares to a perfect balance of old and new. The one-bedroom home in Helsingborg, Sweden, is on the market for 6.82 million SEK (roughly $761,000), and it’s full of beautifully ornate elements that feel almost edgy next to the home’s modern features.

Peach facade of house Photo via Bjurfors

The home was built on the Swedish coast in 1929 with stunning period details like stained glass windows, detailed molding, wood paneling, and coffered ceilings.

Sitting room with white walls and modern furniture Photo via Bjurfors

A framed painting, illuminated by track lighting, hangs overhead in the living room like a modern day fresco. Meanwhile, the parquet flooring below is pristinely maintained.

Painting installed in ceiling Photo via Bjurfors

Though its bones are of a different time, the house has a sleek, modern kitchen and an updated bathroom that creates a pleasing contrast with the apartment’s more baroque features. The home’s piece de resistance, though, may be its spacious patio, which looks out onto the sea towards Denmark.

Photo via Bjurfors

Via: The Spaces