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New app Dryp wants to be your ‘personal plant assistant’

Turn your black thumb green

App screen Dryp

Ever overwater a succulent or underwater a spider plant? You’re not alone. Plants are hard. They’re also having a moment. These two facts combined make something like Dryp (the name, sigh) a destined Kickstarter idea!

Dryp is a new app that aims to be a one-stop shop for wannabe green thumbs. The app isn’t exactly groundbreaking, but it does do a few handy and practical things.

First, and most importantly, it reminds you when to water your family of plants, taking into account factors like type of plant and amount of daylight. Second, it tells you what’s wrong with your plant when it’s looking less than healthy. “Think of it like WebMD for plants,” says Dryp’s founder.

App screen on phone showing plant types Dryp

Lastly, it acts as a plant tutor, guiding you through basics with tips on how to replant, how to gauge soil moisture, and what kind of light works for which plant. It’s a simple idea that comes at a perfect time. After all, it’s not cool to post your dead plants on Instagram.

Dryp is currently raising $35,000 toward developing the app on iOS, with a stretch goal of $45,000 to implement an Android version.