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Tiny house tries indoor-outdoor living with sliding roof

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Long johns recommended

Facade of fir-clad tiny home Optinid/Agence Argo via New Atlas

Tiny home designers try all kinds of clever tricks to make their houses slightly more spacious, but credit where credit’s due: This tiny home has not one but two lofts, and one of them opens directly to the great outdoors.

Lofted bedroom with no ceiling Optinid/Agence Argo

The $62,000 Cécile is a fir-clad tiny home from French builder Optinid that stretches 20 feet long and 8.3 feet wide. Its compact proportions are made up for (and then some) with its killer feature: a roof that manually slides open like a can of sardines to reveal a lofted bedroom to the elements.

Stairway leading to lofted bedroom Optinid/Agence Argo via New Atlas

To get there, you have to mount a staircase that pulls triple duty as a storage unit and desk top, which is not nearly as strange as it sounds.

Living room with couch and loft above Optinid/Agence Argo via New Atlas

Below the open-air lofted space there’s a small kitchen with a retractable dining table. The kitchen flows into a living room where another tiny lofted bedroom is built above—but sorry, this one only gets a window.

Intrigued? This model starts at around $63,000.

Via: New Atlas