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French retirement home gets the millennial pink treatment

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Not just for the youth anymore

Pink interior of retirement home Eugeni Pons via The Spaces

Millennial pink, the color we all love to love (and love to hate), isn’t just for the youth anymore. At least if we’re to believe this beautiful and very pink retirement home in France.

Dominique Coulon & Associés, designer of inventive libraries, schools, and elder care centers created the Huningue retirement home with a single color palette: a peachy, pink hue just a touch warmer than the traditional millennial pink.

Stairwell with pink walls Eugeni Pons via The Spaces

This—let’s call it retirement pink—covers the interior of the main building, which is part of a 43,000-square-foot complex that also includes a restaurant, hobby workshop, vegetable garden, and place to play boule. The color is the result of mixing red concrete with pink terra cotta, which also gives the space a beautifully imperfect texture.

Exterior shot of brick and glass building Eugeni Pons via The Spaces

Though the interior is clearly the attention grabber, the architects paid equal attention to the facade, which is a pleasing mix of materials—large glass windows interspersed with a woven brick pattern whose color is pretty close to retirement pink, too.

Via: The Spaces