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Camper van sleeps four and hides a clever bathroom

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RB Components sells both custom conversion vans—like this one—and DIY van parts

RB Components packed this Mercedes Sprinter van with loads of amenities.
All photos courtesy of RB Components

The world of conversion vans has been growing by leaps and bounds, with new companies popping up every month. But one trusted name in the camper van business has been around since 2002, providing adventurers with both fully built out vans and the parts to do it themselves. Love campers and trailers? Come join our community group.

Based just outside of Los Angeles, RB Components is marketed as a one-stop shop for trailer, shop, garage, and van accessories. And unlike some van companies out there with subpar websites and service, RB Components delivers. We saw one of their vans at Overland Expo this past spring, and it was well-thought out and superbly constructed.

Take this Mercedes Sprinter 170 EXT 3500. It’s a beauty of a van to begin with—four-wheel-drive included—but RB Components transformed the Sprinter into a sweet adventure rig. Open the side sliding door, use the electric folding step, and you arrive into a living room area that has three removable seats depending on how many people you’re hauling. A gray and black color scheme keeps things modern, and a sleek kitchen area features a microwave tucked inside upper cabinets, and a galley system with a wooden counter top, sink, and refrigerator.

While the company offers full custom builds, you can also buy items separately; like the galley kitchen, for example.
Courtesy of RB Components

The middle area of the van features a dinette area with a table in the center and opposing sofas on either side. These sofas boast storage underneath and can also transform into a sleeping area. An additional panel bed above it can sleep two adults, and the van features window and bug shades and a roof fan to keep things cool and comfortable.

Convenient sail cloth and mesh stuff bags keep your gear organized, and an advanced lighting system provides ambiance whether it’s night or day. Finally, a custom rear shower and toilet area has handsome teak flooring and is easily walled off from the rest of the van thanks to privacy shades. This innovative design doesn’t use permanent walls for the bathroom—something that makes many Class Bs feel downright claustrophobic—and we love the airiness of the shower area when not in use.

Outside, light bar mounts, a custom roof rack, and a shade awning are small touches that can make a big difference, while rooftop solar panels keep you charged on or off the grid.

For this van, RB Components packed a ton of amenities into the largest of the Sprinter models, and it shows; the price of the Mercedes van and the conversion as shown is about $225,000. More basic builds (not including the cost of the vehicle) start around $25,000 depending on what customers want.

But perhaps the best part about RB Components is that they also offer something for the DIYers out there. With a focus on Sprinter vans, RB Components sells everything from base cabinets to bed panel kits that can get you the van lifestyle at a fraction of the cost. Like something you see in this van? It’s probably for sale on its own. Even for someone with a custom-built van already completed there are still some small things—like this flashlight holder, or this helmet hook—that could help the functionality of the van. Interested? Check it all out, over here.

Exterior shot of an RB Components build.
Courtesy of RB Components
A microwave nests neatly into pre-built upper cabinets.
Courtesy of RB Components
The seatbelt-legal seats can be removed if you aren’t hauling more people.
Courtesy of RB Components
Mesh stash bags and window coverings keep things streamlined.
Courtesy of RB Components
A panel bed system is also available for purchase separately from a custom build.
Courtesy of RB Components