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Treehouse-like modern cabin comes with a hammock deck


House with net outside of door D12 Design via New Atlas

Some homes are striking for their ability to defy the precariousness of nature. Others are notable for their ability to retreat into their surroundings. This house outside of Hanoi, Vietnam, happens to do both.

Chu Van Dong of D12 Design recently completed his second Forest House, a modern gable cabin perched on a rocky drop-off among a tangle of tree branches. Like his first Forest House, Forest House 02 has a simple, lightweight structure, though instead of being built from just wood, 02 also uses steel, clay stone, and concrete to build out its frame.

D12 Design via New Atlas

The mostly wood interior is broken up by splashes of stone and marble that give it a luxe glamping feel. The almost 500-square-foot L-shaped dwelling houses two main rooms—the living room-meets-kitchen area and a bedroom, which has a connected sightline through a pair of sliding doors opening onto a hammock-like “deck” that encircles a massive tree trunk.

Kitchen with white marble backsplash D12 Design via New Atlas

Dong describes Forest House 02 as “extremely poetic,” and indeed, there is a romance to doing the most mundane of tasks—washing dishes, reading the newspaper, cleaning the bathroom—while you’re floating above ground.

D12 Design via New Atlas

Via: New Atlas