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Garden-filled house keeps cool with sandstone

Architecture that’s both beautiful and functional

Stone house with green backyard Photo via Designboom

Architecture often acts as a tool for climate control in places with warm weather. Homes are refuges from sun and heat, built with special features to promote airflow and encourage light diffusion. This house in Ahmedabad, India, is another good example of how to make architecture both beautiful and functional.

Indian studio Spasm Design built the sprawling home out of sandstone, a readily abundant material in India that makes the interior floors cool to the touch. The architects designed the space in a cross formation, which allows ventilation to move through the rooms like a natural air conditioner.

From the outside you can see another of the home’s clever climate control features. To diffuse the region’s harsh light, the architects designed stone fins to stand perpendicular to the side of the house and cast shadows on the exterior as a way to cool the space and create a lovely diffused light.

The house has floor-to-ceiling windows that look out onto immaculate landscaping. Doors open onto the backyard where a set of stone stairs leads to one of the home’s multiple hidden gardens.

Facade of sandstone home Photo via Designboom
Courtyard with overhang Photo via Designboom
Interior with stone floor and blue wall Photo via Designboom
Stone fins on outside of building Photo via Designboom
Backyard at night with glowing staircase Photo via Designboom

Via: Designboom