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Minimalist apartment is serene retreat for retired couple

A quiet retreat

Living room with concrete floors and walls Photo via Dezeen

Whether you opt for a millennial pink color scheme or a recreated 1950s town, there are plenty of options for retiring in style. The latest example is this serene apartment on the outskirts of Taipei, Taiwan.

Wei Yi International Design Associates recently completed the Din-a-ka apartment for an older couple who wanted to leave the bustle of the city and retire in Taiwan’s verdant, mountainous countryside.

Living room with leather armchairs and modern coffee table Photo via Dezeen

The Din-a-ka apartment, named after the covered walkways that were common in early Taiwanese architecture, is warm but stark. The architects designed the space around contrasting material—concrete floors, wood paneled walls, stone floors, and supple leather furniture.

Curved partition Photo via Dezeen

The apartment has an open-plan living room that flows into a small kitchen. The main living space is separated from the rest of the apartment by a curved and gilded partition that looks like it could have been plucked from a Richard Serra exhibition.

Meditation room with mats on floor and large window Photo via Dezeen

The architects extended that moment of privacy into different areas of the apartment with slatted wood screens that can be pulled to separate the kitchen space from the rest of the living room. Two other rooms—a master bedroom and a quiet meditation room—branch off of the makeshift hallway, and both have a giant window that looks out onto the peaceful wilderness.

Via: Dezeen