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These tiny prefab cabins let you live anywhere in the world

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Perfect for the “urban nomad”

Courtesy of Cabin Spacey

When Cabin Spacey first came onto the tiny home scene in 2016, it had the noble goal of solving the very real urban problem of under-utilized space. At the time, the Berlin-based startup imagined its 370 square foot tiny homes sitting on rooftops or in parking lots, effectively extending a city’s usable housing stock by building on top of what already existed.

Two years later, the team behind the sleek, pre-fab houses is building on that idea by turning their cabins into a network of “pay-as-you-go” living spaces called the Minimal House. The cabins are aimed at “urban nomads,” a close cousin to the digital nomad, an upwardly mobile, city-hopping young professional whose concept of home has spurred a movement of flexible, stylish, hotel-like living arrangements.

White timber interior with loft bed Jules Villbrandt

“For urban nomads, the minimal house is the perfect choice: it’s easy to transport, easy to install, and can be easily hooked up to existing utilities and infrastructures, whether unused roof, urban wasteland, or parking lot,” Simon Becker, co-founder of Cabin Spacey told Dwell.

Doorway looking into cabin with stairs Jules Villbrandt

According to the Cabin Spacey crew, they envision housing as an on-demand service, like paying for your dry cleaning to be delivered or an Uber to pick you up. And their tiny homes come loaded with all the conveniences to make that happen. Cabin dwellers can tap into an “embedded ecosystem” of services like a cleaning person, a cultural concierge, and even someone to arrange travel to your next Cabin Spacey location.

It’s a wild vision of the future of housing (at least for those who can afford it)—one where ownership is usurped by sheer convenience and the promise of never having to worry about your house or apartment again, because it was never really yours to begin with.

Interior of sleek cabin with table and chairs Jules Villbrandt

Via: Dwell