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New Lego kit builds a working 3-foot wind turbine

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Clean energy not included

Lego turbine on table Lego

Plenty of famous buildings have gotten the Lego treatment, from Herzog & de Meuron’s Elbphilharmonie to Frank Lloyd Wright’s Guggenheim Museum. Less common is a Lego kit dedicated to renewable energy infrastructure. Yet, in 2018, here we are.

Lego partnered with the renewable energy company Vestas to release a kit for constructing a three-foot working wind turbine. Made from 826 pieces of white plastic, the turbine has three adjustable blades that rotate via a motor and come with built-in aircraft warning lights.

Lego wind turbine with cottage underneath Lego

Below the turbine there’s an adorable rural setting complete with rolling green hills and a cottage featuring a satellite dish, picket fence, and working porch light.

Lego launched the kit during NYC Climate Week—going on now—though the company says it and Vestas first had the idea for the turbine ten years ago. Naturally, it’s renewable energy kit is the first to use the company’s new sustainable, plant-based bricks made from sugarcane, which Lego announced earlier this year.

Close up of Lego wind turbine Lego

Via: Designboom