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This $67K camper is also a boat

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Ready to make a splash?

A white camper parked in a lot. There is a man and a woman standing outside of the camper. The camper is white with a grey base. All photos courtesy of Caravanboat

The most surprising—and fun—campers are the ones that do something, whether it’s as simple as a pop up roof or a modular camper that unfolds to sleep a family. Other campers take the concept even further, spinning to reveal a two-bedroom tiny house; expanding to three times their size; or inflating by itself in seconds. Love campers and trailers? Come join our community group.

And then their is the ultimate “do something” camper, one that functions not only as an RV but as something else entirely: the boat camper. We’ve covered the compact Sealandar caravan in the past, and now we’ve found a larger version made by Germany-based Caravanboat that combines a camper and houseboat in one.

Called Departure One, the 30-foot long camper sits on a trailer and consists of a seawater resistant aluminum hull. The inside can sleep four people and a small shower and washbasin sits just behind the sleeping area. A closet provides room for clothes and gear, and a kitchen boasts a sink, microwave, fridge, stovetop, and storage for cooking tools. A fairly spacious living room can also provide more sleeping options, while more cabinets and LED lights bring the comforts of home.

The one extra spot not usually found in campers is the boat steering wheel, which looks out the front of the camper and huge plexiglass windows. Those same panorama windows also include a wing door window to allow access in and out. The abundance of windows makes the camper feel more boat-like, as does the rooftop deck complete with seats and solar power.

Other amenities—like a backup camera—are more typical of a camper, so it’s clear that in many ways the Departure One brings together the best of both worlds. A few different color options are available and the starting price is $67,448. Of course, that’s the price in Europe and the campers aren’t available here in the U.S., but it’s always fun to see how designers across the pond are innovating. For more info, head over here.