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All-white concrete house is beautifully high-maintenance

Don’t spill a drop

Outside of white concrete house Mariela Apollonio via Designboom

This house in Alicante, Spain, abides by a simple color palette: All white everything. Designed by Spanish architect Ramón Esteve, the Oslo House is a serene coastal abode that’s definitely a “shoes off” kind of house.

Esteve crafted the residence as two giant concrete boxes that sit atop each other, slightly off-kilter, to create a stacked building block effect. The home’s entrance is at the rear, surrounded by white stone walls that hint at what’s to come inside.

Living room with concrete floor and open doors to patio Mariela Apollonio via Designboom

From there, the house expands into an open floor plan—light concrete floors blend with white walls and neutral colored furniture. There’s white marble everywhere, from the floating staircase to the kitchen counters to the floor.

Dining table with wood wall behind it Mariela Apollonio via Designboom

The only pop of color comes from the warm, light wood that’s scattered throughout the house. The muted color palette works. After all, it’s merely a backdrop for views of the bright blue ocean that’s just outside the windows.

Patio with infinity pool Mariela Apollonio via Designboom
House from the back at night Mariela Apollonio via Designboom

Via: Designboom