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Modern mountaintop castle on 241 acres asks $2.8M

A modern home fit for a queen

Photos by Jim Mauchly

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Location: Cavendish, Vermont

Price: $2,799,000

The United States might not have as many picturesque castles as Europe, but this modern take on castle life paints a striking picture in Vermont. The seven-bedroom, five-bath home sits atop Hawk’s Mountain with views of green hills all around and a sprawling 7,945 square feet of space.

Constructed using Glimmerstone granite quarried from the surrounding land, the building was inspired by Scottish castles on lochs, with a series of ponds that form a moat-like entrance. The most impressive feature is the locally crafted stone wall that dominates the home’s north side, rising out of the ledge and complimenting the home’s massive stone patio.

A 10-foot arched wooden door welcomes guests inside, where a curved living room is reminiscent of the turrets and towers of historic castles. A long dining room table looks fit for a feast, while a massive granite fireplace makes things cozy. Other highlights include a curving library with built-in bookshelves, multiple decks and outdoor spaces, and the home’s many windows that both let in light and provide views to the grounds outside.

A passive solar system helps offset energy costs, and the house is set on 241 acres of beauitful forest. If you’re ready to live out your royal dreams, 1599 Cavendish Gulf Road is on the market now for $2,799,000.