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LG’s new rollable TV disappears in an instant

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The “TV of tomorrow” has finally arrived

TV on sleek base LG

What is the mark of a good TV in 2019? An ultra high-definition screen? A pretty frame? Low price? Better than all of that: a TV that disappears altogether.

LG’s new OLED TV R, currently on show at CES 2019, is a 4K flat screen that appears and disappears on command. The screen emerges from a sleek aluminum base when you want to watch something and then disappears when you don’t. The R? It stands for “rolling.”

Rendering of TV next to bed LG

Indeed, as the flexible 65-inch screen slides into the base, it appears to curl up like a rolled poster. Wild. Viewers can choose to hide the screen altogether or put it in “line mode,” which keeps 1/4th of the screen visible as a control panel for other smart gadgets like speakers or to display on-screen information like music tracks and time.

The TV will be on sale later this spring, for what is sure to be an astronomical price. The good news is that while a rollable screen is a novelty this year, it’s only a matter of time before you’ll be able to snag one at your local Best Buy for a fraction of the cost.

Via: Fast Company