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Stone home dazzles with a cool brick-like facade

Travertine like you’ve never seen it before

Light gray stone facade Photo by Parham Taghioff via Dezeen

Stone can be stately or it can be rustic. Sometimes it’s trendy, other times it’s classic. In the case of this travertine home in Mahallat, Iran, stone hardly looks like stone at all—instead, it’s laid out in a geometric pattern that makes the light gray material look like bricks.

A local stone seller tapped CAAT Studios to design a house that made use of the area’s abundant travertine supply. Instead of building a flat facade, CAAT decided to treat the travertine like bricks, creating a stepped pattern that gives the exterior a wavering, geometric appearance.

Close up of curved stone facade Photo by Parham Taghioff via Dezeen

The house has a simple box layout, but CAAT was able to add some playfulness to the design with the exterior pattern. Four windows are framed by a curving wall of bricks that appear to almost peel away from the the glass. That same curve can be seen on the interior wall of the home, too.

Woman looking out of window Photo by Parham Taghioff via Dezeen
Curving stone facade and windows Photo by Parham Taghioff via Dezeen

The architects explain that to save material and lighten the home, they cut the travertine into L-shaped pieces and used the leftover materials for the straight sections of the facade. Like other experimental brick projects, it’s a smart use of materials that resulted in a very cool effect.

Via: Dezeen