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Is this 10-year calendar a productivity dream or nightmare?

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For those who plan way ahead

White planner hanging on wall Workhow

In case next week’s schedule wasn’t stressful enough, let us introduce you to the Decade Planner, a massive gridded calendar that lets you meticulously plot your life for the next ten years.

Designed by Workhow, the calendar stands nearly six feet tall and four feet wide. A scroll of thick paper stock is bracketed by a body made from CNC-machined aluminum, which should ensure the calendar lasts for its entire decade of promised use.

Though it’s indisputably an intimidating productivity tool, Workhow found a way to make the calendar a little more manageable thanks to its layout. Years are divided into 12 rows of 30 days (in other words, one month equals one row). You can scroll the calendar to only show two years at a time, but for the productive masochists out there: You can unfurl the entire 71-inch calendar to display all ten years at once.

The whole thing makes you wonder, who, exactly, might use something like this? Workhow says the $199 calendar is perfect for anyone who wants to plot long term goals in their personal life or career. Great. Our 2029 goal: Get organized enough to start using a decade calendar.

Via: Fast Company