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Bright pink tiny home was designed to free you of mortgages

Small but efficient

Bright pink small home in field Pin-Up Houses

Magenta is a tiny house that lives up to its name. The 11-foot by 6-foot home from Pin-Up Houses is built from plywood that’s been painted bright Barbie pink.

Architect Joshua Woodsman designed the house as a “manifesto” against debt and mortgages. And indeed, the house is resolutely simple. Built on a flatbed trailer with a hitch that connects to a car, Magenta is designed for on-road living.

Sofa and pillows inside tiny home Pin-Up Houses
Kitchenette next to bathroom Pin-Up Houses

Outside, there’s a small foldable table for dining alfresco. Inside, the tiny home has a single sofa bed, kitchenette, a chemical toilet, and three electrical outlets. Nets stretch across the walls to provide extra storage.

Inside of tiny home with small yellow kitchen table Pin-Up Houses

Though Magenta’s plywood interior and might not be as vibey or as well-stocked with features as some of the other high-design tiny homes on the market, with a construction cost of $11,000, it’s hard to argue with its value.

Pink tiny home hitched to back of yellow van Pin-Up Houses