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Ikea is launching a customizable modular bed

The next step in Ikea’s open-source “platform for living”

Platform bed with colorful pillows Ikea

Last year, British designer Tom Dixon partnered with Ikea to release the Delaktig seating platform, a modular, “hackable” sofa comprised of a sleek aluminum frame and cushions that can be mixed and matched to create the seating arrangement of your dreams.

The couch, it turns out, was just the beginning. For Dixon and Ikea, Delaktig isn’t just a product—it’s a mindset, a lifestyle, an approach to convertible and customizable furniture that isn’t one-size fits all.

And next up in the Delaktig family is perhaps the most important piece of furniture of all: the bed. Ikea and Dixon just announced the Delaktig bed, a modular aluminum bed frame that you can design to your bedroom’s needs.

Black headboard of bed Ikea
Side board inserted into bed frame Ikea

The queen-sized platform bed has a subtle coated frame that’s the anchor for a handful of add-on accessories including a side table, lamps, and a headboard that comes in either wood or rattan.

Rattan headboard Ikea

And in case you’re looking to add on to your Delaktig seating platform, there’s good news. New cushion covers come in a pleasing set of new neutral colors: dusty pink, soft beige, and stone gray. The new Delaktig products will be available in stores and online this February.