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Travel trailer is a cozy tiny house on wheels

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Built to survive a Colorado winter

A small travel trailer in the desert. The trailer has a partially wooden facade. Photos courtesy of High Country Camps

Both tiny homes and campers have experienced a surge in popularity over the past five years, with evangelists advocating a downsized life on the go. But many tiny homes aren’t very mobile, requiring large equipment to move from place to place. Meanwhile, some campers don’t offer much space, especially for families or people looking to live RV-life full-time. Love campers and RVs? Come join our community group!

Colorado-based High Country Camps offers a solution. The part-tiny home, part-travel trailer was created when its makers moved from Alabama to Colorado. Originally they brought their fifth wheel trailer with them, but they soon discovered that mice and cold temperatures made it unsuitable to the harsh climate.

Inspired by wooden vargo wagons, the camper boasts multiple floorplans that offer different sleeping arrangements. All models include a covered porch at the entrance and a kitchen and dining area that is in the center of the camper. A three-burner stovetop, large sink, fridge with freezer, and lots of cabinets make the kitchen feel like home, and a bench area features seating and a pull-out table. An additional outdoor

Different sleeping options are available—including bunk beds—but in the model pictured, two people can sleep comfortably over a well-lit storage area. A decently sized bathroom is also included, with a 32 inch by 32 inch shower, sink, and toilet. Finally, shelves, coat hooks, and plentiful storage are extra touches that make the High Country Camp feel more like a small apartment than a basic RV.

Because it is made to handle Colorado’s high mountain desert climate, the camper has been tested to -20 degrees Fahrenheit, benefiting from lots of insulation and a small propane heater. An air conditioner runs on a 2000 watt generator, and an aluminum frame and keeps the 27-foot camper just under 6,000 pounds. All lights and the water pump run on solar.

We saw the High Country Camps trailer at the Sportsman Expo in Denver and appreciated its high quality construction. The trailers are currently listed for sale for $58,470, and if you’re interested in earning more, head over here.

The interior of a travel trailer. The ceiling is metal. There is white cabinetry, chairs, a table, and a bed area with a bed.
A kitchen area in a travel trailer. There is white cabinetry, metal countertops, a red door, and wood flooring.
The interior of a travel trailer. There is a table, benches, a bed area, and a window with a red window frame.
Shelves and a toilet in a bathroom area in a travel trailer.
A shower in a small travel trailer.
A bathroom area in a travel trailer with a sink, wooden cabinetry, and a metal door.
An exterior area on a travel trailer. There is a red door, an outside table with cooking tools, and wood shingles on the walls.