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New Japanese desk lamp doesn’t cast shadows

Thanks to surgical lighting technology

White desktop lamp on desk Balmuda

If you’re going to name your lamp “The Light,” it comes with certain expectations. Namely, the light better be pretty dang good.

Japanese appliance company Balmuda (also the maker of The Toaster, The Range, and The Teapot) recently launched The Light, a desktop lamp designed to eliminate glare and shadows. According to the company, its lamp incorporates the same lighting technology used in surgery operating rooms to create an even, diffused light.

Desktop lamp illuminated Balmuda

Most desktop lamps use a single bulb that emits a ray of light from above, turning anything in its way into a shadow. Balmuda’s lamp uses what it calls “Forward Beam Technology” to cast its light downward at a wide angle, illuminating a desk while eliminating the chance your hand’s shadow will obscure whatever it is you’re working on.

Two black desktop lamps Balmuda

All this smart illumination doesn’t come for free, though. The Light will run you $540, which depending on how particular you are about lighting either seems like robbery or a steal.

Via: Fast Company