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Timber lake house has separate quarters for adults and kids

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A true vacation home

Living room with timber floors and modern furniture Hsu-Rudolphy Arquitectos

Hsu-Rudolphy Arquitectos had one major requirement when designing a lake house on Rupanco Lake in Chile: All of the rooms in the house needed to have a clear view of the water.

This presented a challenge. The plot of land wasn’t large enough to build a house parallel to the water, which led the architects to split the home into two volumes and bend them at angles so they both catch glimpses of the lake.

Aerial shot of house Hsu-Rudolphy Arquitectos

The two wooden volumes tilt inward toward each other like two separate homes, and cleverly, they serve different purposes. On one side, a smaller volume is home base for the children; on the other, a larger space is designed for the adults, which creates a vacation home-worthy amount of personal space. An angular gallery serves as the entrance to the home as well as its central artery, connecting the two separate volumes.

Timber house with large deck Hsu-Rudolphy Arquitectos

Both sections of the house are outfitted with sleek timber touches and modern furniture. But the most important aspect of both are the floor-to-ceiling windows that look out onto decks with a view of the sparkling water.

Hsu-Rudolphy Arquitectos

Via: Designboom