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Shipping container tiny home has a sweet roof terrace

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Two trends in one!

Wood clad shipping container house CargoHome

This short-term rental in Waco, Texas, is a perfect Venn diagram of design trends: a shipping container and tiny home wrapped into a single petite package. Designed by CargoHome, “Helm” is built from two refurbished shipping containers—one 40 feet, one 20 feet—that have been stacked on top of each other to create a double-height tiny home with a walk-out terrace. Not bad.

Living room with sofa and white walls CargoHome

The designers built a sliding door into the end of the larger ground floor shipping container, which leads to a narrow but lengthy living room. There’s a dining area with a built-in table that connects to a kitchen with plenty of shelving and storage space. At the opposite end of the ground floor, a bedroom is tucked into a sunny nook where a sofa transforms into a pull-out bed.

Kitchen and bedroom nook CargoHome

The second floor of the house is reached by an outdoor spiral staircase that leads to the roof terrace and a second bedroom. Both floors have a bathroom, making the house well equipped to accommodate up to six people.

Wooden roof deck with chairs CargoHome

CargoHome takes custom commissions and sells its three models via its website, but for those who are curious about shipping container tiny homes, you can always rent the space for $174 a night first.

Queen bed in wood paneled bedroom CargoHome

Via: The Spaces