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You can drive with the top down in this innovative camper

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A retractable roof lets you stargaze on the road or at camp

Courtesy of Skydancer

We’re big fans of camper design here at Curbed, but let’s face it: A large percentage of RVs look the same. Whether you’re talking about a large Class A or a fifth wheel, it can be hard to find a manufacturer who is truly pushing what’s possible in camper land. Even more rare is for the unique, mind-blowing concept camper to make it to market. Love campers and trailers? Come join our community group.

We love seeing what is revealed at annual trade shows like the Düsseldorf Caravan Salon—the world’s biggest camper show—and more recently, CMT Messe Stuttgart. Both concept campers and ready-for-market RVs grace the exhibition halls, and the latest to shock and awe is the all-new Skydancer.

Originally conceived in 2014 as a Mercedes Atego motorhome with a retractable driver-cab roof, the new Skydancer Apéro debuted at CMT last week as a production-camper cabriolet. Using a Fiat Ducato as its base, the all-white RV boasts a retractable roof and sleeping space for four people. Because it debuted at a trade show, we’ve rounded up the best Instagram photos while we wait for more photos from Skydancer.

In order to make a retractable camper possible, designer Piotr Kubinski divided the motorhome into two separate levels. The higher level is called the “A cab,” consisting of four all-leather luxury seats and long side windows that allow for panoramic views while driving. The cab also boasts folding dining tables, meaning that you can eat in the open air and enjoy star-gazing over cocktails. The driver and front passenger seats swivel to make eating more feasible, and then lock in place when underway.

The front also boasts the open-air roof, which opens electrically and overlaps with the rear part of the vehicle. According to Skydancer, the roof can be opened while driving, making this a true convertible camper.

The lower area of the camper behind the front wheels is the living area, and you can access it using steps from the cab or from a side door. A large 79 by 55 inch raised bed takes up most of the rear and includes windows on three sides, while the driver-cab seating area converts to a second bed to sleep four. For anyone worried about a bathroom, the Skydancer Apéro has you covered with a toilet, fold-down sink and shower.

The living area also includes a small kitchen area, including a gas stove, sink, and fridge. A bonus rear garage can hold bikes, skis, and scooters, and in total the Apéro measures approximately 6,790 pounds with water and gas.

Just how much will a star-gazing convertible camper cost you? The $146,000 base price uses Fiat’s 148-hp 2.3-liter Multijet turbo-diesel engine, and according to New Atlas, Skydancer says an electric version might be available in the future. Head over here for information, and see more photos, below.