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Modern concrete home is a perfect mix of soft and hard

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Surprisingly homey

Concrete dining room with red pendant Photo by HeyCheese via ArchDaily

You’d probably never guess it, but this all-concrete home in Taipei, Taiwan, is an ode to nature. When Wei Yi International Design Associates began designing the 2,900-square-foot Blue Eye House, the studio looked to a nearby wetland reserve for inspiration.

The influence might not be immediately apparent—the home is wrapped in concrete, iron, and steel—but it does have a distinctly quiet vibe thanks to a consistent palette of cool, dark colors and an airy, uncluttered design.

Room with concrete walls and floor Photo by HeyCheese via ArchDaily
People sitting at kitchen counter Photo by HeyCheese via ArchDaily

The home is divided into gray concrete volumes that are separated by a series of creative dividers. Gilded mesh structures pull double duty as bookshelves and space dividers. A curved concrete wall makes room for a hallway.

Concrete wall with pendant light Photo by HeyCheese via ArchDaily

The effect is pleasantly homogenous. Yes, there’s concrete everywhere, but the architects have layered it in different shapes and shades to make the home feel playful in a way that concrete doesn’t always allow. Check out the full gallery here.

Sofa in concrete living room Photo by HeyCheese via ArchDaily

Via: ArchDaily