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Stunning Australian home blends rustic with modern

A corrugated metal beauty on the Australian coast

A house is situated on a hill. The facade is metal and there is a flat roof. Dovecote via The Spaces

The modern barn trend is nothing short of an architectural phenomenon. When done right, it straddles the worlds of sleek modernism and cozy charm. Like, for example, this beautiful beach home in New South Wales, Australia.

Designed by Atelier Andy Carson, the holiday home is more of a “modern shed” than a barn, but its simple pitched roof evokes the same warm sense of familiarity. Appropriately, the house sits on a 150-acre dairy farm that also happens to have sweeping views of the coast.

The home’s facade is built from corrugated black steel that’s interrupted by large openings that connect the indoors with the outdoors. Inside, the sparse interiors are hugged by timber walls and concrete floors. The centerpiece of the home is the living room, where a hanging fireplace is framed by a series of windows with copper louvers.

Intrigued? You can rent the tasteful retreat for around $1,100 per night.

A living area with a grey couch, armchair, table, and wooden walls. Dovecote via The Spaces
A living area with wooden walls, a sloped roof, and tall windows. There is a couch, chairs, and a fireplace. Dovecote via The Spaces
A bedroom which has wooden walls, a grey floor, and a tall window. There is a bed with multiple pillows and neutral colored bed linens. Dovecote via The Spaces

Via: The Spaces