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Modern country house belies an airy interior

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It might look like a fortress, but this house has plenty of killer sight lines

A white house with a sloped roof. Photo by João Morgado via ArchDaily

The Gafarim House in Ponte de Lima, Portugal, rises into the air like a blank canvas. Its stark white facade is a simple rectangle framed by the bright blue sky.

Tiago do Vale Arquitectos designed the home to upend the expectations of a Portuguese country house. Mission accomplished.


From the front, the house is a windowless fortress. From the back, it’s all glass. The three-bedroom home centers around an open-plan living room with soaring ceilings and floor-to-ceiling windows that look out onto hilly green countryside.

The exterior of a house with tall windows. The house has a geometric design. It is dusk and the house is illuminated from within. Photo by João Morgado via ArchDaily

That same expansive room is home to the kitchen and dining area, which gives the space a loft-like feel. Despite the height of the house, the ground floor is the hub of activity. This includes a row of three bedrooms, with the master getting its own outdoor patio.

In the foreground is an in-ground swimming pool. Adjacent to the pool is a house with floor to ceiling windows and a flat roof. It is evening. Photo by João Morgado via ArchDaily

An angular staircase at the end of the living room leads up to a mezzanine, where there’s yet another chance to take full advantage of the extra-tall ceiling height and killer views.

A living area with tall windows. There is a couch, table, chairs, and light fixtures. Photo by João Morgado via ArchDaily

Via: ArchDaily