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Casper now sells a smart nightlight

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It’s portable and controllable via a smartphone

Glowing nightlight on dresser Casper

Capser is quickly turning into the all-things-sleep company. First there was a mattress. Then there was the furniture. Now, the company is tackling a less intuitive aspect of passing out—the nightlight.

Casper just launched the Casper Glow, a softly glowing cylinder lamp that’s designed to sync up to your sleep cycle. The portable nightlight connects to your phone so you can program it to dim in sync with your sleep cycle.

Woman laying in bed next to lamp Casper

At night, the lamp’s light softens from a brighter white to a softer yellow, orange, and red over the course of 45 minutes, but you can use the app to customize the cycle so that it lasts longer or shorter. In the morning, the lamp will gradually wake you up with a warm glow.

Phone displaying Casper app Casper

Lamps timed to circadian rhythms are fairly common at this point, but Casper is hoping other little design touches will distinguish its product. You can control the lamp through gestures—a flip will turn it on; a twist will adjust brightness; and a wiggle will give the lamp an extra gentle light.

Maybe the best part about it is the least technologically advanced thing of all. The glow is portable, which means you can stop using your phone’s flashlight for middle of the night trips to get more water.