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Midcentury-inspired prefab delivers affordable style

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Starting at $90 per square foot

Photos courtesy of Yankee Barn Homes

Maybe it’s the Mad Men styling or just the classic design elements, but midcentury modern is everywhere these days. And while everyone might not be able to own a Frank Lloyd Wright or a Palm Springs getaway, elements of midcentury design have trickled down into the prefab world.

New Hampshire-based Yankee Barn Home is a post and beam company that has built luxury pre-fab barn homes since 1969. With a range of designs available, the latest to catch our eye is a three-bedroom, two-and-a-half bath 21st-century take on midcentury style. Made for both a sloped or level site, the home boasts an open floor plan, large windows, and integration with the outdoors.

Sloped and angled overhanging roofs speak to the style of the 1960s, and exposed wooden beams add warmth. In total the home measures 2,577 square feet with an optional walkout basement that adds another 832 square feet of finished living space. And while midcentury modern purists may decry the lack of original terrazzo floors or clerestory windows, we can see midcentury influence in the home’s linear expanses of glass, boxy angles, and airiness.

How much will this modern prefab cost you? Yankee Barn Home gives the estimate of about $90-$120 per square foot, with the cost depending on the amount of post and beam and individual window selection. The house pictured used more expensive windows and cost approximately $319,500 for the shell package excluding the land.

Of course, whether or not a $300,000 home seems affordable likely depends on where you live, and the cost of land definitely influences how expensive this modern prefab ends up costing. But for many, this modern prefab could be a budget-oriented option in a pricey housing market. Interested? Head over here for more.