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Samsung’s designer Serif TV is now voice-activated

Hallelujah, a TV that’s not an eyesore

TV with white frame Samsung

Gone are the days when buying a television automatically rendered a room ugly. With the advent of super thin screens, designers have been able to take more artful approach to TV design for the betterment of living rooms everywhere.

This year at CES, Samsung is showing off an updated version of the Serif, a sleek QLED TV designed by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec to evoke the shape of a serif capital I.

Do you see it?

TV on stand Samsung

Like pretty much all gadgets made in 2019, the Serif is now voice-activated, which means you can yell at the TV and hope it understands that you want to change the channel. This being a Samsung, you’ll be talking to Bixby, the company’s smart assistant à la Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

The Serif is an elegant upgrade from the ubiquitous bezel-less TVs you see everywhere. Its thick frame looks like moulding that hugs the edge of a TV like a picture frame. Samsung has smartly cornered the market on high-design (and high-priced) televisions. Like the Yves Behar-designed Frame, the Serif also comes with ambient mode, which allows it to display art when it’s not being used. Is this goodbye to blank black screens, and hello to more TVs that look like actual furniture?

Via: Designboom