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Ikea is back with new furniture for your pets

More stylish spins on pet basics 

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One dog on a gray couch, another on a black-and-white patterned dog bed. Ikea

Two years ago, Ikea launched Lurvig, its first line of goods specifically designed for its human customers’ furry friends. The products were aesthetically minded takes on pet necessities: foldout dog beds, cozy cat houses, and a since recalled self-dispensing water bowl.

Now, Ikea is back with a new set of designs to expand the Lurvig line. Working with veterinarian Dr. Barbara Schäfer, Ikea’s designers studied how animals (namely, dogs and cats) live inside our homes.

“The biggest challenge is not to humanize pet products,” Schäfer explains. “It’s really important to use animals’ natural needs and behaviors—like how they sleep, eat, or play—as starting points. Then we can design a product that fits in with our ‘human needs,’ such as style and form.”

Cats, to no one’s surprise, like their own space and cozy up into soft textiles and enclosed environments. “Dogs, on the other hand, don’t care so much, as long as they have a space close to their owner,” Schäfer says.

Cat in a pink patterned cube bed in a shelf. Ikea
Cat in a cube Ikea

The expanded Lurvig line will include an update to the cozy cat cube that slots into the square shelving of Ikea’s Kallax system. There’s also a patterned pet carrier, portable water bowl, a pet-sized version of the Klippan sofa loved by humans, a framed pet bed, and plus an array of cushions and textiles that are easily cleanable and dirt resistant.

Look for the new Lurvig products online and in stores starting this month, with new pieces continuing to roll out through spring 2020.

Dog inside a black-and-white patterned carrier. Ikea
Dog on white frame bed with patterned cushion. Ikea
A white dog with black spots sits next to black and white patterned cushions. Ikea