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These 20 places rich in women’s history are competing for $2M in preservation grants

and you can vote for your favorites

A two-story yellow building sits at a street corner.
Odd Fellows Building, Astoria, Oregon.
Partners in Preservation

On the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment, which gave women the right to vote, the National Trust for Historic Preservation is partnering with American Express and Main Street America to celebrate women’s contributions to the development of our cities, buildings, and public spaces.

As part of the Partners in Preservation: Main Streets competition, 20 sites across the country are vying for your vote to win a grant that will go toward preserving these places steeped in women’s history.

The public can pad the proverbial ballot and cast up to five votes per day until October 29 (the winner will be announced on October 30). Each site automatically gets $10,000 to raise awareness and make its case, but the sites with the most votes at the end of the contest will receive a share of $2 million in grants.

The contenders, which are all historic sites in need of new signage, facade work, or other updates, include the Odd Fellows Building in Astoria, Oregon, which local women transformed into a space for women-led businesses; the Downtown Women’s Center in Los Angeles, a community space for helping homeless women; and Girl Scouts founder Juliette Gordon Low’s birthplace in Savannah, Georgia. You can check out the rest of the projects and all of their fascinating backstories here.

A six-story building with gridded glass windows.
Downtown Women’s Center, Los Angeles.
Partners in Preservation
A white room has a stage in the center with wooden floors and brown curtains. A black grand piano sits in the center of the stage.
The Ladies Literary Clubhouse, Salt Lake City.
Partners in Preservation
A three-story building features an entrance with four columns flanked by two staircases. Windows all have shutters.
Juliette Gordon Low birthplace, Savannah, Georgia.
Partners in Preservation
A pitch-roofed brick house with a chimney stands next to a rail track with a train on it.
Holly Union Depot, Union, Michigan.
Partners in Preservation
A tan-colored stone building features a covered entrance with white columns and a tower with a flag on top.
Elisabet Ney Museum, Austin, Texas.
Partners in Preservation