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With this tiny home-inspired houseboat, you can camp by land or sea

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The rustic cabin is built on a pontoon boat

An orange trailer sits on a pontoon-style boat in the water with mountains in the background and the sun setting. Brandon Stidham of Granite Peak Photography

We cover a lot of interesting tiny homes here at Curbed, from prefab backyard sheds to shipping container houses you can order. We also, sometimes, ogle jaw-dropping house boats, especially those covered on our sister site, Curbed Seattle.

Today we’ve come across a blend of the two with Heidi-Ho, a houseboat built by Scott Cronk. Unlike other houseboats, Heidi-Ho is constructed on a 30-foot long pontoon boat with pontoon logs and a Suzuki engine.

On top of the pontoon is a cargo-trailer cabin with all the necessities. A side door welcomes passengers into the furnished area with bench seats, a removable dining room table, and center windows. A galley kitchen includes a three-burner range and oven, cabinets for storage, and a refrigerator. During the day, the rear doors of the cabin open up to the pontoon platform, making for an indoor-outdoor lounge complete with boat seats.

At night, the dinette transforms to a double bed, and the cabin can sleep three total thanks to a bunk bed that drops down from the ceiling. A composting toilet, 175-watt solar panel, stereo system, and swim ladder round out the houseboat’s amenities.

Another unique feature of the Heidi-Ho build is that it can be transported over road with a trail with the deck reduced to an 8.5-foot width. The cabin can also be removed from the boat deck and used as a camping trailer, something not possible with normal houseboats. This versatility has allowed Cronk to use the houseboat in different places, including summers on Lake Sonoma in Northern California.

The boat is a fun and innovative take on tiny home living, water style. Heidi-Ho is currently at Katherine Landing marina on Lake Mohave in Arizona.

The interior of the boat has wood-paneled walls, a dinette, table, and doors open to the water outside.
A bed sets up in the dinette area with white pillows and a light blue quilt.
A kitchen galley area includes a black fridge, stove top and oven, wood-paneled walls, and wooden cabinets.
A wood-paneled bathroom with a white toilet and shower supplies.
The bed area is set up with a light blue blanket, white pillows, and a bunk bed above.
The rear view of the boat features an outside shower area and water views.