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Modern home puts a sleek twist on the bungalow

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Low-slung with a generously porch indeed

House with large concrete patio and overhead covering with square cutout. Simon Oberhofer

Imagine the architectural lovechild of a glass house, cozy Craftsman, and just a touch of Brutalist bunker, and you might get this house in Kremsmünster, Austria. Architecture studio Superfuturegroup designed the home, called Villa Marie, as a modern update on the classic bungalow.

Sitting at foothills of the Austrian Alps, the timber-clad house perches atop a gently sloped site. In true bungalow style, it sits low to the ground with all of the rooms clustered on the ground floor.

A single-story house sits on a green hill, with mountains in the distance. Simon Oberhofer

The layout is anchored by the living room, which the architects designed without doors in order to create a flexible, airy space. “Cutouts in the surfaces provide views through the spaces connecting them to each other and the surroundings,” the architects explain. The interior features light wood floors and ceilings, while shades of gray add to the streamlined, modern vibe.

The centerpiece of the house is an expansive porch that stretches the length of the home and connects to the living room via a large sliding door. The architects ensured that the porch’s roof didn’t limit the amount of natural light that entered the home by making a clever cut-out—in the center of the covering there’s a large square void that creates a cool geometric effect while letting lots of extra light shine into the house.

Open plan kitchen with wood dining table and pale wood ceilings and floors. Simon Oberhofer
A glass fireplace is embedded in a white wall. Gray kitchen cabinets are in the background. Simon Oberhofer
Hallway in brightly lit home with sliding glass walls. Simon Oberhofer
Open door connecting outdoor space with kitchen. Simon Oberhofer