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A kitchen has a deep white farmhouse sink, white dishes drying in a black rack, and white buckets hanging from a black bar behind the sink.
The Fintorp series from Ikea features buckets, rails, and hooks to create a sleek organization system in the kitchen.

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25 storage solutions to try around your home

From bins to buckets, here’s everything you need to get organized right now

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There are many reasons to get organized: to declutter, help clear the mind, show off artfully arranged shelves and pantries on Instagram. All of these aims and more are perhaps why, as a recent Curbed feature explores, we’re in the golden age of home organization, where the number of professional organizers are soaring right alongside Container Store sales.

Indeed, whether you’re looking to tidy a kitchen, office, or laundry nook, in an expansive house or small city apartment, there’s a huge range of organization products ready to help you out.

Below, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite storage solutions for all kinds of organization needs. If you know a great product or idea we missed, feel free to share it in the comments below.

General storage

Smarter storage opportunities can be found all over the house. The items in this section offer versatile and affordable ways to make the most of your space, including underused walls and nooks.


The kitchen might just be the most “fun” place to organize—just look at the astounding variety of products in this section. You can get creative by optimizing spare surfaces and adding shelving in unexpected places.

Elfa Utility White Wire Kitchen Door & Wall Rack

  • $89

Frustrated with small spaces? This door rack works great in pantries to hold spices, pantry staples, and cans. We love that the modular system lets you reposition baskets as you need. Set includes four baskets, a utility board, and everything you need to mount the system.


Children need to stay entertained and that means a whole lot of stuff. These products will bring some order to the chaos.