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Solar-powered prefab home comes move-in ready

Oh and it’s also a smart home

A pitch-roofed house with glass walls on a rocky shore with evergreen trees in the back. is a turducken of housing buzzwords: The 3D-printed prefab house integrates smart home technology and can also go off-grid. Since’s founding in 2016, the company has been making and testing homes that generate their own energy. Now, the company is ready to start shipping the homes to customers. homes are designed to retain as much heat and energy as possible. Instead of building a frame and then insulating, its creators started with the insulation.

“We developed a patented composite polymer insulation that can also be 3D-printed into a construction material for building walls,”’s CEO Max Gerbut told Dwell.

The ultra-insulated structure makes it possible for solar panels—and a back-up battery—to power the entire home. By the company’s estimates, its home is 20 times more energy-efficient than the average American home. models feature a laundry list of other green features including a bioactive sewage system that helps purify black water and a purification system that cleans and recycles shower water.

The design comes in three models— the mOne, a 400-square-foot single story home that starts at $199,999; the mTwo, an 800-square-foot house with two bedrooms that starts at $379,999; and the mFour, a 1,600-square-foot model with three bedrooms and two floors that starts at $1 million; it costs extra to add full off-grid capability to the homes.

A pitch-roofed house with glass walls on a grassy plot of land.
A rendering of a large two-story glass house with a pitched roof. It’s surrounded by a patch of lawn and older buildings.

Each home comes fully furnished with everything from wine glasses to an automation system that helps you control the house from afar. And there’s a high-tech sheen over it all, as if it were developed in Cupertino and shipped out in a pristine white box. In fact, the company has a factory in Nevada where it’s ramping up production to start delivering its houses to customers in February 2020.

A child sits in an open living room with white cabinets, light wood floors, and white furniture.
Pitch-roofed house with many large windows sits on a grassy plot of land. A series of lights placed at the bottom of the facade illuminates the home.